Apply to join


Anyone can apply to join our community of leaders who lead by unfolding not moulding

Membership is free if you volunteer. If you plan to use your membership for paid work, please chat to us. Finding a way for you to pay will make us sustainable for the volunteers. 

To join you will need to show us that you seek to avoid making your team members always do as you say. That you do lead by encouraging team members to find a shared way forward that works for everyone by helping team members to unfold a better version of themselves. 

In particular...   

  1. Build trust by giving team members a say, that they are heard, that they are part of their own unfolding process to the point where your team members are prepared to try new things, knowing that you as their leader will step in if a team member is about to do something that carries a risk of causing harm to themselves or others.
  2. Lift each team member's awareness of their own choices and their own habits. And to help each team member to adapt their own choices and habits so that shared situations work for everyone.
  3. See that just as important as performing and winning is team members remaining healthy in mind as well as body.
  4. See your own performance and the performance of your team members as the speed at which they unfold a better version of themselves. 
  5. Select team members based on their passion to unfold a better version of themselves.  And avoid selecting team members who always believe they don't need to get better and who always blame others for mistakes. 

We enjoy each others company as we support each other; help each other find new ways to unfold better version of ourselves; and increase the number of leaders who lead by unfolding and moulding.  

This is our constitution