Members festival of dreams: A celebration of unfolding a better version of ourselves


The Festival of Dreams is a four-day family-focussed retreat for all our members and all the people they work with.  

At our festival of dreams we have all sorts equipment to create, discover and invent with. Instead of classes we have dream workshops where participates are encouraged to risk failure as they dream of another world, just around the corner. Instead of personal trainers we have agility coaches who help others to develop themselves, not by moulding them, but by unfolding them. To believe there is always a better version of themselves, just around the corner.

The Festival of Dreams provides a safe space for children of all ages to play, learn and create. Run by a consortium of like minded parents and workshop facilitators with extensive experience in education, coaching, drama and arts, we ensure families can relax and learn together in a warm atmosphere that encourages children and parents alike to make friends and connections. So what are you waiting for? Book now by clicking here